Instant Loans In the Philippines

With the economic crisis raging everywhere, it is not surprising that people in the Philippines have turned to payday loans and other types of financial assistance at unimaginable rates. You can get a loan fast and easily without much hassle and without any credit check. In fact, your first time application can be approved within minutes. The key here is to know how to go about getting the right loan with the best terms, interest rates, and repayment options available.

6 period salaryday financial products

Security Bank: This is one of the most popular lending companies when it comes to loans in the Philippines. If your employer requires you to sign over your legal rights, be careful about signing off your rights away, and make sure that the bank you are borrowing from is reputable. Once you submit a stellar job resume and cover letter for instant approval, and you secure an interview, you can expect your security bank to instantly approve your loan request. In some cases, you can even expect to receive your money the very next day. This type of quick funding is what many Filipinos look for when looking for quick cash and easy loans.

Philaloan Phila Loan: This is another name in the line of payday loans. You may want to reconsider going through this company as they are known for charging very high interest rates. They do require an initial deposit before approval, which is refundable upon your next pay date. Another con of this lending company is that they only accept secured and debit cards for payment. They do not accept electronic cheques.

Home Loan Savings & Loans: This is a trusted name in the line of home loans. This company offers a range of loans which are suitable for both individuals and businesses. This is a relatively new entrant into the industry who has grown substantially due to the current global financial crisis. The company does require you to meet a credit card qualification but all other requirements are no big deal as long as you have steady employment and a decent income.

Filipino Payday Loan: This is one bank Philippines personal loan company that offers online processing. You need to meet a certain income level to qualify for their payday loans. Once you do, you may choose to have the amount deposited directly to your account or get the money directly transferred to your bank account. The latter option is preferred as you can then use the funds for any purpose you deem appropriate. You can also be exempted from a fee for making an automatic deposit to your account.

Cash Advance Application Assistance: One of the best features of this bank… PHR is that it has no application assistance charges… ever! So, if you are suffering from cash crisis and are looking for a way out… apply now! You don’t even need to fax your documents as most lenders in the Philippines have online application assistance. Moreover, even with poor credit you can still secure a payday loan from this company… as long as you have a steady source of income that can cover the fees.

Easy Terms: Unlike many online loan companies in the Philippines, only $300 is required as minimum deposit to be eligible for a payday advance. The fees payable also vary but most tend to be very reasonable considering that in a developing country like the Philippines… many families lack resources to meet even the most basic of costs. Moreover, the bank pays all applicable taxes. If you are still worried about how much these loans cost you may want to know that most lenders in the Philippines… PHR has 24 hour customer service representatives that will help you make all financial decisions regarding your loans.

Ease Of Application: Most online lenders in the Philippines offers several payment options including ACH (Bank Of America), BOL (Banks Of Philippine Islands), EMV (Employer Identification Module), CRDC (Credential Credit Card Debit) and IDVM (Internet debit procedure). As a borrower, all you have to do is to provide the lender with your bank account number and your PIN. You will then be asked to enter additional information about yourself such as your name, current employer and your age. Your loan application usually takes only few minutes and you can easily manage your loan payment without worrying about missing one. Furthermore, you can also request for an advanced notice before your loan is due to start. As a result, you can manage your finances better and avoid any unnecessary financial burden.

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