Natural Cremation try satisfied to provide the entire of The united kingdomt and Wales from the base at Charlton playground Crematorium in Hampshire.

Natural Cremation try satisfied to provide the entire of The united kingdomt and Wales from the base at Charlton playground Crematorium in Hampshire.

We serve Scotland from our office in Hillington, near Glasgow.

We always submit our personal workforce to maintain each customer, whether that’s on the house or a number of hundred kilometers away. You’ll be given a sensible period of arrival as well as guidance you need to understand that the relative is actually close palms, straight from the most important telephone call.

Untended cremations for people exactly who perish in England or Wales will need room at Charlton playground Crematorium. Attended cremations will take place at one of our thoroughly opted for companion sites.

Cremations for consumers who pass away in Scotland takes destination at Clyde Valley Crematorium.

Just what are your organization several hours?

If you want to setup a cremation now then you can certainly contact our team twenty-four hours a day 1 week per week throughout the wide variety demonstrated. There’s an online scheduling form should you decide aren’t willing to speak to all of us.

For standard Enquiries, accounts Enquiries and Pre-paid program facts please call 9am – 5pm Monday to saturday or e-mail

Are you able to take over from another funeral director?

Yes. We do this quite often.

You have the directly to replace your notice, even when a local funeral homes has introduced your loved one in their worry.

Just inform the funeral director you want to instruct sheer Cremation to take control of. Inquire what they are planning charge the treatment sent up until now (we could incorporate this to the expenses keeping products straightforward for you).

We will work with the funeral movie director for an easy and pro transfer of care.

About the Direct Cremation Service

What is the distinction between a primary cremation and a conventional funeral?

A direct cremation is a valid, legal and ever more popular substitute for a normal funeral. This style of send-off sets apart both components of the funeral – the committal while the ceremony.

SimplicityWe carry out the cremation, providing the exact same standard of worry and admiration as finest local funeral manager, but without any fuss plus the large black vehicles.

Minimum CostOur rate reflects the actual straightforward character of your solution. You can save 60% compared to the cost of an elementary cremation solution from a conventional undertaker.

ChoiceWe manage the practicalities causing you to be and your household free to determine in which, when and how to state goodbye, and how much you wish to spend. This supplies the chance to make a genuinely private send-off on the terminology.

What is required by “unattended”?

9 regarding 10 direct cremations include unattended at absolute Cremation, meaning there are not any mourners present for a funeral provider within crematorium or within cremation by itself. Our experienced cremation specialists will perform the procedure with greatest value and without any individual gift – whether that’s group or friends.

May I attend a cremation easily wish?

However, there should be no provider of any sort, some groups still want to be there from the crematorium.

For one more ?200, to 12 anyone can attend at the brand new Charlton Park Crematorium for a half hour at the same time you like.

Or you’d favor somewhere nearer, you are able to determine a 9am booking at most convenient your sites, for as much as 12 people to posses 15-20 moments in the chapel.

This cost covers the expense of extra staff some time offering your own assortment of musical.

Please call us for details of the crematoria we incorporate.

What are the results at an attended committal?

In which really does the cremation occur?

Is it possible to incorporate my personal local crematorium?

As a primary cremation is generally unattended, the cremation can happen at our own advanced center, Charlton Park Crematorium, near Andover.

If you choose to sign up for, up to 12 folk can spend 20 minutes saying good-bye at our location, Charlton Playground Crematorium, together with your selection of musical – for an extra price of ?200. This is exactly available at an occasion that best suits you, like nights and weekends.

But you might also determine a went to committal at one of the thoroughly chosen locations at a 9am position merely. This can be nearer to your, but we can not promises it is the local crematorium.

Just how long up until the cremation are scheduled?

We endeavor to book and submit the cremation within 14 days of training, but be sure to let us know your requirement so we can provide the best advice and service.

We are going to reserve a cremation day once we have received repayment, all the documents and have your spouse inside our care.

We try to control supply the ashes within 21 days of the cremation go out if you do not advise if not.

Exactly what coffin do you ever render?

We provide straightforward solid pine coffin every single clients, thoroughly picked because of its durability, beauty and good eco-credentials. In addition it permits safe and dignified loading of cremation chamber and helps power the cremation techniques it self.

Which coffins are best for cremation?

Do you actually need cardboard coffins?

We do not use cardboard coffins for a number of explanations. Cardboard renders a residue for the cremator and will not assist power the cremation process in the same way that wooden do. This means that more fuel is required to execute a cremation completely negating any ecological profit.

Plus, cardboard coffins are now actually costly than wooden your, and our very own coffins are made from material supply from FSC Certified forests where in fact the trees become sustainably was able.

Do you really re-use the coffin?

Not. The coffin is only made use of as soon as and can not be used again for the next clients.

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